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Project Description
My attempt at an MVC-based killboard for Eve Online.

Beta Publish coming soon!

There aren't many choices for hosting killboards for Eve Online. The best option is the open-source killboard from, which happens to be based on PHP and MySql. Unfortunately, when I start to look at PHP, my brain starts to melt, so my ability to significantly modify the eve-dev killboard is pretty low. So, over the years, I have looked at the possibility of creating my own .NET based killboard, but never really had the motivation.

When MVC for ASP.NET was released, my desire to build something using this was great, so I resurrected the idea of the .NET killboard. Knowing that I could use some help, I've decided to post it here on CodePlex.

So, if you are an avid Eve Online gamer and want to help, here's what I need:

- C# coders
- Decent Web Designers (css, etc.)
- Testers

If you're an eve-online player, a decent coder, and are looking to get into working with MVC, this is a great opportunity!

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