Initial screenshots from the KillBoard showing some of the functionality. Yes, I know it is a bit rough :)

Left-hand side shows involved members. Right side shows the kill. Ship icons are sourced from the Eve community download and are hosted with the killboard. Pilot images are hotlinked from the eve-online website based on Pilot ID, which comes through in the combat log XML from the Eve API. ISK values will eventually be imported from eve-central.

Homepage notes . . .

This screenshot shows the latest CSS formatting. Also, the entire row will highlight (like the Orca) on mouseover, and the entire row is clickable and launches the appropriate kill page via javascript.


The kill page has changed a bit, with the addition of damage taken and done, as well as the Tech II and Faction (not shown) icons. This trick uses nested DIVs with relative and absolute positioning to get the overlays of the Tech II / Faction indicator to sit atop the item image.


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